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Kid Sleep Is Important

I am often amazed when mothers explain their children’s lack of sleep because their kids, simply, don’t want to go down. If we can establish from the get go that children do not know what’s best for them, then I think us parents will have an easier time. If I hadn’t read some really great

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Are you a Credit Card Parent?

What is a Credit Card Parent, you may be asking yourself? No, it is not buying every baby purchase with a credit card, but good guess. Credit Card Parenting is a certain method of parenting that puts off the hard stuff and discipline until the future. “You’ll still pay the price of training in the

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child knows whats best

Children Don’t Know What’s Best for Themselves!

I think there is one concept that – if adopted as FACT by us parents – will make parenting a lot easier. And that is this: Children really don’t know what’s best for them! For some reason, someone started a rumor somewhere that babies know what’s best for themselves. This rumor was based on the fact

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