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My name is Anwar White and I’m committed to helping you unlock the genius of your child. I'm here to partner with you on the goals you have for your child within your own parenting style.


The greatest athletes have coaches and so do I. Those coaches aren’t smarter than them—they simply are there to hold them accountable with guidance and consistent feedback to achieve one's goals. I look forward to working with you!

Quite simply... Parenting today is TOUGH!

So who works with a Parenting Coach anyway?

  • Busy people who want increased skills, lasting solutions, and more  respectful, loving relationships hire a parent coach to ensure they close the gap between where they are and where they wish to be.

  • Wise people hire a parent coach when they decide to stop tolerating  the daily energy drains that many people accept as simply coming  with the territory.

  • Growth-oriented people who work at creating family joy and  fulfillment hire a parent coach in order to achieve outstanding results  for their parenting efforts.

What are your Goals?

  • Sleeping through the Night (Sleep Learning)
  • Introducing Solid Foods
  • Independent Eating
  • Manners
  • Behavior - Self Control
  • Life Skills
  • Learning how to Learn
  • Language Development

Introducing 1:1 Coaching with Anwar

12-Week Parent Coaching for the Busy Mom!

How could your child's life (and your life) change if you have a child who has more self control (better behaved)? Eat out more? Hang out with Friends? Travel?

Learn how to make the most out of time you have with your child, whether it be learning time or cuddle time or both!

Imagine NO LONGER dreading the 'terrible twos' and begin embracing them as your child exceptional learning phase begins to take form.

Instead of avoiding or putting off toilet learning (training), imagine finishing it before others start!

Imagine raising a confident, happy, and curious child who enjoys constantly having fun (and learning at the same time without even knowing it)! 

Instead of just getting any ol' toy from Target or another retailer, imagine knowing exactly which toys that you child will enjoy and learn the most from.

Imagine not having those daily struggle with dinner time or bed time!

Isn't your child's development worth your focus, prioritization, and investment?

Life would drastically change for the positive in EVERY way.

Not just your child's life – but your life – and your family’s life as well.

You and your child could do so much more if you both had the tools and techniques for optimized growth. 

My 12-week SmartKidParenting Bootcamp is a personalized coaching program for YOUR CHILD AND YOU, a busy Mom who has a busy life but still wants to be completely there for her child (in love and development).

In my 1:1 12-Week SmartKidParenting Bootcamp for the Busy Mom , You'll:

  • Discover how to thrive in parenthood instead of just 'survive.'

  • Receive your personalized roadmap to maximize the potential of your child over 12 weeks AND BEYOND - even in YOUR busy life

  • Demolish your childs' barriers and your barriers by getting the non-negotiable accountability to consistently stay on track with a variety of different proven systems

  • Always feel knowledgeable and satisfied in knowing you are doing everything you can do for your child's success

  • Wish and dream that you would have signed up earlier

1:1 12-Week SmartKidParening Bootcamp for the Busy Mom Details

1:1 60-MIN “INTENSIVE” - A VIDEO CALL WITH YOU AND ME During our intensive video call, we will dig deep into your parenting challenge, priorities,goals, and desires. This strategy and planning session is key to ensure you and your child will be on the right track. I'll put together a personalized roadmap for you to unlock the amazing potential of your child in the upcoming weeks based on your specific needs and your schedule and the fastest and most efficient way for you and your child to reach your goals.

45-MINUTE 1:1 CALLS EVERY OTHER WEEK You'll have my expert, laser advice every other week for 45 minutes. I'll give you accountability, consistency and step-by-step guidance to integrate into whatever new and old challenges you are currently facing in parenthood.

24/7 ACCESS TO ME You will have my personal cell phone number (Whats App ID if you’re outside of the US) and email to ask me ANY questions throughout your days. I'll also be there when your child goes potty or learns their alphabet at 2 years old to reply back, “AWESOME JOB!!”

BI-MONTHLY TRACKING I'll keep you laser focused on maximizing your child's potential by tracking goals, progress, new curriculum, and changes every two weeks. With this focus we absolutely WILL overcome any barriers. It will be so exciting to see your success each week as you and your child achieve what you set out to achieve!

What to expect during our calls...

  • Evaluate and Celebrate

    We will examine what is working and what is not working for your child. In the latter case, we will course correct depending on how your child responds to try to find patterns/conditions for success we can replicate.

  • Tools/Technique Teaching

    This is when I lead us through a deep dive into a major strategy, technique, or principle and then we explore how  we can best integrate it into our top goal.

  • Goal Achieving Plan

    We input next month’s goal into our online system and set it up to guarantee our success in advance.

My busy clients are from major US cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and internationally from Korea, Germany, and Taiwan.

Are you ready to join too?

12-Week SmartKidParenting Bootcamp for the Busy Mom is virtual and can be done from anywhere. We talk 1:1 by phone, Skype and/or Google Hangout.


Why do you coach in 3-month intervals?

Quite simply, children under 3 years old are changing so rapidly that every 3 months you have a completely different child with very different challenges but also NEW and EXCITING ABILITIES!

When does the program start and when does it end?

We will set the start date once you and I talk and confirm your spot in the program. The program is 12 weeks from our first 60-minute intensive.

How much work is this going to be? I am busy, as you know!

I will make sure that you will be able to implement my tips/tricks/techniques in your already busy schedule. I’ve done all the research, development, and testing of what works the fastest for a busy woman like you. You just follow my expert guidance and I will make sure we all get the results we were envisioning!

How do I signup and how much does it cost?

Click HERE to Apply to set up a time to talk with me. I will follow-up with an application and we will discuss your goals and additional program details by phone.

Contact me HERE to Apply to talk about my 1:1 12-week SmartKidParenting Bootcamp for Busy Moms with me, discuss program fit and find out when there’s availability to start (I get booked pretty quickly when I have an opening so contact me as soon as possible).

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Working With Me

When having our second child, we didn't want to go through the sleeping issues we had with our first child. We worked with Anwar to come up with a plan to make sure that our child was sleeping through the night by 3 months old!

Steven and Kelly
Steven and Kelly

Thank you so much for giving me a step by step guide to potty training my 2 year old. The milestones you gave me helped me understand how to move forward and transition to each next step in potty training. I also want to thank you for your strategies on phasing out the morning child demands of being in our bed.   I know it may sound ridiculous but the extra 15-30 minutes each morning has helped me tremendously!

Jenny V.
Jenny V.

But why Anwar?

As your coach, I will provide you with the parenting help you want. I'll offer support, inspiration, tools, strategies, collaboration, structure, direction, accountability, enthusiasm, and results — if you are willing to work for them. You can expect me to probe, listen (to what you are saying, are trying to say, and are not saying), challenge, make suggestions, honor your values, ask you to look at situations differently, and offer ideas and techniques that will help you create the kind of family life you want. I can promise you that I will ask tough questions, point out my observations, and cheer you on in your efforts and successes. I will treat the coach/client relationship with complete confidentiality and respect, and will be 100% dedicated to your extraordinary success as a parent and as the leader of your family.

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