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talking back good thing

Kids Talking Back is Actually a Good Thing!

Before you sayGet outta here!” or No Way!” read this whole post first, from beginning till the very end. Sure, when children are talking back at you, your temper takes over and it’s very hard to stay calm. You can’t seem to fathom that this little being even has the nerve to challenge you.

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sorry not sorry

Sorry, Not SorryHow Kids Apologize

The most embarrassment parents deal with is when their child, (on purpose or accidentally), hurts another child. Naturally, we are just mortified, and our children pick up on our intense dismay before they even have the chance to feel their own response. Then we become desperate for our child to say, “I’m sorry.” We rely

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teach to child's learning style

Teach to Your Child’s Learning Style

The best way to determine and teach your child’s learning style is to: Study your child Consider the following questions about Visual, Sluchový, Kinesthetic child learners: Does your child express emotion through facial expression, tone of voice, or body language? Do your child’s primary interests involve pictures, sounds, or movement? When encountering something new, does

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parenting around the world

What I Learned From Parenting in Other Cultures

If you are like me, you are always open to hearing how other people parent their children. I like to take a little here and a little there to create what I call thethe best of the bestparenting. Below you will find the some parenting tips I got from other cultures and why

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creative toys

5 Types of Toys Experts Say Will Develop Your Child’s Creativity

You’re on a road trip with your 1-year-old. To make sure he’s entertained during the whole trip, you pack his favorite toys or even new ones in Tupperware-like containers with lids that snap.And guess what? Your toddler ends up playing with the container, fascinated by the lid’s closing and opening. Play is how children learn,…

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