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Kids Siarad Nôl mewn gwirionedd yn beth da!

Cyn i chi ddweud “Get outta yma!” neu Nac Way!” Darllenwch y swydd cyfan hwn yn gyntaf, o'r dechrau tan y diwedd iawn. Cadarn, pan fydd plant yn siarad yn ôl ar chi, eich tymer yn cymryd drosodd ac mae'n anodd iawn i beidio â chynhyrfu. You can’t seem to fathom that this little being even has the nerve to challenge you.

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bilingual myths

8 Bilingual Myths That Are Limiting You and Your Kids

We are raising our kids in German, French, and English, and it is not always roses. I’m not going to lie. Raising a multilingual/bilingual child is freakinHARD. But don’t let that scare you – the best things in life, the things we most appreciate, rarely come easy. And Bilingualism is something that will give

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sorry not sorry

Sorry, Not SorryHow Kids Apologize

The most embarrassment parents deal with is when their child, (on purpose or accidentally), hurts another child. Naturally, we are just mortified, and our children pick up on our intense dismay before they even have the chance to feel their own response. Then we become desperate for our child to say, “I’m sorry.” We rely

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baby brain diaper changing

Sut Newid Diaper Effeithio Brains Babies '

ymennydd babanod 'tyfu yn gyflymach yn ystod y cyfnod o fywyd yn ystod y maent ei angen newid eu diapers nag y bydd byth yr achos eto. Mae tua 1000 synaptic connections are formed every second during this period. syfrdanol. And it is the emotional experiences that babies have over and over again that build the most robust neural

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EQ or IQ: Which Is More Important in Raising Successful Individuals?

Most of us believe that Intelligence Quotient (IQ) levels and academic achievement are the indicators of individual success. The better kids do in school, the better off they will be in life, we say. In recent years, fodd bynnag, countless studies in the field of psychology say: Not necessarily so! It is all about the Emotional

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