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bilingual myths

8 Bilingual Myths That Are Limiting You and Your Kids

We are raising our kids in German, French, and English, and it is not always roses. I’m not going to lie. Raising a multilingual/bilingual child is freakinHARD. But don’t let that scare you – the best things in life, the things we most appreciate, rarely come easy. And Bilingualism is something that will give

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EQ or IQ: Which Is More Important in Raising Successful Individuals?

Most of us believe that Intelligence Quotient (IQ) levels and academic achievement are the indicators of individual success. The better kids do in school, the better off they will be in life, we say. In recent years, aga, countless studies in the field of psychology say: Not necessarily so! It is all about the Emotional

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teach to child's learning style

Õpeta oma lapse õppimise stiili

The best way to determine and teach your child’s learning style is to: Study your child Consider the following questions about Visual, Auditoorne, Kinesthetic child learners: Does your child express emotion through facial expression, tone of voice, or body language? Do your child’s primary interests involve pictures, helid, or movement? When encountering something new, does

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Oma lapse õppimise stiilid

Vähesed asjad nurjata vanemad rohkem kui püüame õpetada lapsele, kes ei istu veel, ei ole vait, või ei kuula kuni suundades on korduv kakskümmend korda. aga, Meie pettumust võiks tihtipeale kergendust, kui me lihtsalt mõista erinevusi õpistiilidest. Learning Styles A child’s dominate learning style, või õppimise modaalsus, describes

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edukas lapsed

7 Top tunnuste Vanemad, kes on edukas Kids, Tuginedes Science

Tahad tõsta edukas lapsed? Below you will find the top 7 tunnused vanemad edukas lastel on, according to science. How many of them do you have? 1. Nad on kõrged ootused (Hea ei ole piisavalt hea) Kui vanemad seadnud kõrged ootused oma lastele, lapsed eeskuju. This is according to data

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