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räägi tagasi hea

Kids Talking Tagasi on tegelikult hea!

Enne kui öelda “Kao siit!” või ei tee!” Loe kogu see postitus esimesena, algusest kuni lõpuni. Muidugi, kui lapsed on rääkinud tagasi sind, oma tujusid võtab üle ja see on väga raske jääda rahulikuks. You can’t seem to fathom that this little being even has the nerve to challenge you.

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bilingual myths

8 Bilingual Myths That Are Limiting You and Your Kids

We are raising our kids in German, French, and English, and it is not always roses. I’m not going to lie. Raising a multilingual/bilingual child is freakinHARD. But don’t let that scare you – the best things in life, the things we most appreciate, rarely come easy. And Bilingualism is something that will give

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7 Ways to Teach Gratitude to our Children

If you have ever spent Christmas with a child or went tot heir birthday you may have heard the following… “Clothes again?” “But I don’t like clothes. I want toys! Why do they always give me clothes?” And maybe you think, how could XYZ (the parent) raise such an ungrateful child! Teaching gratitude Today’s parents

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elektroonilised mänguasjad

Elektrooniline mänguasjad on prügikasti ja nüüd on mul Proof

Elektrooniline mänguasjad imikutele, et toota tuled, sõnad ja laulud olid seotud vähenenud koguse ja kvaliteedi keel võrreldes mängides raamatuid või traditsioonilisi mänguasju nagu puust puzzle, kuju-sorteerija ja komplekt kummiplokid, according to JAMA Pediatrics. The reality for many families of young children is that opportunities

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How Many Books Should you Have in Your House For a Successful Reader?

Wanna know what makes kids excited about reading books? lihtne! Look in their current books of choice. If they aren’t reading, just look at whatever book you are reading. Scholastic asked over 2,500 families with kids aged 6-17 detailed questions about their reading habits and according to a Scholastic’s survey, how much parents read is

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