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angry parent

Are you an angry parent? The anger triggers and how to manage them!

  If you’ve asked yourself, “Why am I ‘thatangry parent?” then keep reading! Since becoming parents, we all come face to face with our temper. There are certain behaviors and circumstances that give rise to our anger and it’s something we must consistently guard in our home. Why? 1) because we don’t want our

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The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received: Set Yourself Up for Success

After I had my children, my grandmother gave me some great advice. “Set yourself up for success,” she said. Wise wise words. It has become a philosophy in our house and affected many parenting decisions we’ve had to make. Set yourself up for success means not creating habits that don’t serve you well. It means

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smartkidparenting hack : crib desk

SmartKidParenting Hack: Crib Desk

When my kids got a little too big for their crib and transferred to a floor bed, I honestly didn’t know what to do with my crib. It took up a lot of space, had a few bite marks on it, and I didn’t feel super comfortable giving it away. Also, most of the donation

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SmartKidParenting Hack – Bread Ends

Before I had my twins, I would use the entire loaf of bread and throw out the two ends of the bread. I, like many of you out there, are picky eaters. I know, super wasteful. I really don’t need the lecture about it. But once I had the kiddos, I vowed to be as

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