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talking back good thing

Kids Talking Back is Actually a Good Thing!

Before you sayGet outta here!” or No Way!” read this whole post first, from beginning till the very end. Sure, when children are talking back at you, your temper takes over and it’s very hard to stay calm. You can’t seem to fathom that this little being even has the nerve to challenge you.

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teach to child's learning style

Teach to Your Child’s Learning Style

The best way to determine and teach your child’s learning style is to: Study your child Consider the following questions about Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic child learners: Does your child express emotion through facial expression, tone of voice, or body language? Do your child’s primary interests involve pictures, sounds, or movement? When encountering something new, does

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aʻo styles

Kou Child ka Learning Styles

Kakaikahi mea hookahuli i na makua e oi aku ana e ao aku i kekahi keiki e e hoi e noho malie, aole e kamailio hooki, ai ole ia, aole e hoolohe a hiki i na kuhikuhi i hai iwakalua manawa. nae, ko kakou hokahoka hiki pinepine e hoomahaiaʻi inā wale hoomaopopo kakou oko ao i aʻo styles. Learning Styles A child’s dominate learning style, ai 'ole ke aʻo modality, describes

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7 Reasons Creativity Will Help Your Child Succeed in Life

Creativity is not often the first thing that comes to mind when we get asked about the traits we want for our kids. We gush about their messy painting and praise their crooked drawing, but just how much do we encourage and nurture it? We need to pay attention to creativity as much as we

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multiple intelligences

Which Intelligences Does Your Child Have?

As we all know, each child is unique and uniquely talented. It is our job as parents to figure out how to make them shine and thrive. Last week, I wrote about How to Determine Your Child’s Learning Style. I had mentioned certain intelligences for certain learning styles but I wanted to go into more depth about

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