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5 Ways to Develop a Love of Reading

Growing up without developing a love of reading is riding in a car without a seatbelt: you could do it, but it’s not recommended. Unless your kid is the boxer Floyd Mayweather, not reading will almost certainly dim their future prospects. The good news is that if you read (and you clearly do), the battle

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Finding the Time to Read to Your Child

During a recent visit to our pediatrician’s office, I found myself alone with my daughter and son in an empty exam room, waiting for the doctor to make an appearance. To fill the idle minutes, I reached down and pulled a book out of the basket tucked under the chair. What ensued was a delightful

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Why Your Baby’s Right Brain Is So Important

  Most people have a dominant side, whether that be hand, foot, or eye. It’s the same for the brain. Most of us have a left hemisphere dominant brain, but for babies, they are right brain dominant. The school system generally rewards left-brained individuals, who think in a logical, linear fashion, and learn best through hearing.

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How Many Books Should you Have in Your House For a Successful Reader?

Wanna know what makes kids excited about reading books? Simple! Look in their current books of choice. If they aren’t reading, just look at whatever book you are reading. Scholastic asked over 2,500 families with kids aged 6-17 detailed questions about their reading habits and according to a Scholastic’s survey, how much parents read is

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Daily Reading Important

Daily Reading is Not Just About Cuddle Time

You probably snuggle up with your kids every night to read them a story. Ohhh, you don’t? Yeah, I thought so. Tired from work? Or just not feeling like reading [enter book you’ve read 100 times] tonight. I get totally get it. No judgment here. I think we all have been told about how awesome

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