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Txhawb koj tus me nyuam

4 Tej yam yooj yim Txoj kev uas yuav Txhawb Koj Tus Menyuam

“Yog hais tias koj xav kom koj cov me nyuam los txhim kho, cia lawv hnov ​​zoo yam uas koj hais txog lawv mus rau lwm tus.” – Haim Ginott Children rely on us to interpret the world: “Uas yog KUB, Tsis txhob kov!… Tam sim no peb ntxuav peb ob txhais tes…Peb yuav taug kev tam sim no uas lub teeb ntsuab…..peb yeej ib txwm… peb yeej tsis…. Qhov no yog yuav ua li cas peb ua li nws…..cov…

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What’s The Most Effective Discipline Technique?

As we all know, every child is unique. Because of this, each child must also have discipline techniques that work best for him. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula on how to keep your child in line, there are a lot of theories that claim to be effective or most beneficial for kids. Most parents

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independence montessori

Teaching Toddlers To Become Independent the Montessori Way

The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self.” – Maria Montessori In this day and age, it’s possible for children to grow up not knowing how to do basic household chores and self-care activities. After all, as babies, there’s always someone to help tie their shoes, feed them, thiab…

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Are you a Credit Card Parent?

What is a Credit Card Parent, you may be asking yourself? No, it is not buying every baby purchase with a credit card, but good guess. Credit Card Parenting is a certain method of parenting that puts off the hard stuff and discipline until the future. “You’ll still pay the price of training in the

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insecure kid

How We Make Our Children Feel Insecure

The infamous playground boundary story goes a little something like this. The school yard had built a nice fence to separate the playground from the sidewalk and road. During recess (when that actually existed), kids would play all over the place, many congregating near different areas of the fence. New age thought won, and soon,…

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