Let Your Child Explore!

Perhaps one of the challenging things about being a parent is letting go. Most parents find it hard to let their kids explore, especially when their kiddos reach 1, 2, or 3.

Here are a few reasons that may convince you to let your child play explore and get dirty.

They learn about the world through exploration

There is no better way for your child to learn about everything around him than to experience things on his own. Through exploration, your child gets to see how things work and he also discovers how things are done. Kids are natural explorers and learn by experience. It is a vital part of a child’s development and play.

Sensory activities help your child expand his vocabulary

Your little one does not have the words for what he sees, hears,or feels just yet. Involving him in sensory activities will help him build his vocabulary and understand what things mean. You can use descriptive and action words like rough, bumpy, soft, hard, smooth and several other words that he can associate with what he sees and feels.

Kids develop their instincts when they explore

When you let your child explore, he is able to find out about his physical limitations. He also learns about healthy self-regulating habits like making his own decisions and choices – which toy to play with, where to go, and what to do. Making choices is one of the most fundamental things your child needs to learn.

Exploration promotes social and emotional growth.

Give your child a much-needed confidence boost and security by giving him the freedom to explore his environment and showing him that he can go back to you anytime for guidance. Letting your child explore with little kids his age also helps develop his social skills. It cultivates important traits like compassion and respect.

At the end of the day…

Don’t be afraid to let your child explore because it will benefit him more than it will harm him (with your monitoring). The best thing to do is to keep him safe and to make sure he stays healthy while he is exploring.

When my kids turned one, I had a quite a few “coming to Jesus” moments! They would go in different directions and get into everything. I had a decision to make. I either was going to let them BE or I was going to drive myself crazy by trying to maintain control when they were just playing.

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For my sanity (and I’m sure the sanity of my children), I let go, which is super hard for a type-A person and parent like myself. I began to follow and not lead when it came to their play. From playing with the remote control or climbing the stairs, I let them explore and I truly believe I am a better parent because of it.

Ultimately, I think this has made me a better parent. Through observing and guiding them on how to interact with new things, I was able to get to know them better, and have deeper everyday learning moments (since they had chosen what we were playing with/learning about). This has made a huge difference in them and started us on our “Love of Learning” journey.