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SmartKid - Pregnancy Planner

This Pregnancy Planner includes:

  • Weekly email course (from week 5 confirmation to post-birth) that will outline every thing you need to know, step-by-step, and in the right order to get EVERYTHING done that you need to get done to be perfectly PREPARED for your bundle of joy!

  • Trimester Group Calls to ensure you are getting personalized pregnancy help that is specific to your pregnancy journey, since every pregnancy is different

  • Access to the private Facebook Group to learn from other Moms and get in-depth knowledge from our experts, as well as a supportive group of Moms in the same boat you are in the keep you motivated and confident when things may get tough.

  • ... and a promise from me that we won't stop supporting you and your baby until you have brought your baby home safe and sound.

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