Welcome to SKP Academy!

Let's work together to maximize the potential of your child!

My name is Anwar White and I’m committed to helping you unlock the genius of your child. I'm here to partner with you on the goals you have for your child within your own parenting style.


The greatest athletes have coaches and so do I. Those coaches aren’t smarter than them—they simply are there to hold them accountable with guidance and consistent feedback to achieve one's goals. I look forward to working with you!

SKP Pregnancy Planner

From healthy eating, healthy weight, what to buy, when to buy, birth plans, cpr and birthing classes, questions to ask doctors, childcare options, pregnancy and parenting books, insurance, maternity leave policies, thank you notes, touring and pre-registering at the hospital…THERE'S SO MUCH TO DO!


We don’t want you to have a stressed out pregnancy or birth!

I want to introduce our SmartKid: Pregnancy Planner! The SmartKid: Pregnancy Planner is a powerful weekly email series and a step-by-step guide to having a successful and productive pregnancy and birth.

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SKP Sleep Training Program: Sleep, Sanity, Success

Learn My 5 Step Game Plan To Get You and Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night and Taking Long Naps (even if your baby has to be held or fed to go to sleep)!

In my webinar, You'll Learn:

How to finally GET RID OF THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WAKINGS AND FEEDINGS so you can have the ENERGY to do your favorite personal activities you used to do before the baby was born, reconnect with your spouse,  or go back to work hitting the ground running. 


Effective strategies to transition your baby from falling asleep needing to be held, swaddled, or pacified for hours a day to 12-15 hours of INDEPENDENT, UNINTERRUPTED DAY NAP and NIGHTTIME SLEEPING.


What secrets you need to create a PREDICTABLE BABY SLEEP SCHEDULE where you can carve out significant TIME FOR YOURSELF  and have complete control over how and when your child sleeps. NO MORE ZOMBIE-MOMMY FEELING for you and no more restlessness for your baby!


And so much more...

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