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A few testimonials from former Mommy Clients...

A Very Small Sample of my Client Results...

  • Took 3 Days to Get My Son Napping after Months of Frustration and Exhaustion

    Anwar is awesome! He developed a nap training plan for my son that I felt comfortable with as a parent. I tried to teach my son to nap for a couple of months and Anwar and his plan did it in 3 days. He took the time to get to know me and son so that whatever we did, we were aligned with my parenting style and philosophy but also taking into consideration the personality of my son.

  • My twins were sleeping through the night by 4 months old!

    Anwar gave me an amazing twin schedule to maintain and changed my mindset on my role as the parent in my household. Since he had twins, he knew exactly what was going to happen with my twins before it even happened. It was kinda weird but kinda awesome at the same time. I’m grateful for his availability in my “I don’t know if I can do this” moments. I truly needed it! Thanks Anwar. I feel like a great Mom doing the best for my twins. #twinning

  • No one sits you down and teaches you sleep training STEP by STEP like Anwar...

    I chose to work with Anwar because he understood and respected me as a Mom and a woman with a career. He was determined to get my children (and ME) sleeping through the night before I had to go back to work. His sleeping plan was logical and I had greenlight benchmarks along the way to know when I needed to move forward with the plan, something I couldn’t find  with other sleep consultants and experts.

A 10-minute Interview with a current Mommy Client...

Some More Video Testimonials from Former Mommy Clients...

"I feel like I passed the 1st Mommy Test"

Jenna H.

"I appreciate being able to get back to work without missing a step!"

Mandy T.