SmartKidParenting Hack – Bread Ends

Before I had my twins, I would use the entire loaf of bread and throw out the two ends of the bread. I, like many of you out there, are picky eaters. I know, super wasteful. I really don’t need the lecture about it.

But once I had the kiddos, I vowed to be as resourceful as possible, especially because I had twins. As a single dad of twins (or as any parent, really), productivity and resourcefulness is a thrilling, and sometimes frustrating game you play on a daily basis.

One Saturday for lunch, the babes had just woken up from the midday nap and it was time to eat lunch. I had already decided that they would have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch during my 6am in bed day planning.

Too bad I only had the bread crusts from the loaf! Are you freakin’ kidding me! So of course, I freaked out for like 2.5 seconds. Why you may ask… well like his father, my son Ravi, hates anything that has any major crust!

So what did I do?

I flipped the crust pieces of bread so that they faced toward the inside of the sandwich and proceeded to make the grilled cheese! My son never knew the difference… and still did not eat all of his food.

I‘ve done this with PB and J sandwiches as well. I just put peanut butter on both crust sides and spread the jelly in the middle.

I know it may sound simple but when you have 5 seconds to figure out what your kids are eating, even the simplest hacks save the day!


Hope this was helpful!