smartkidparenting hack : crib desk

SmartKidParenting Hack: Crib Desk

When my kids got a little too big for their crib and transferred to a floor bed, I honestly didn’t know what to do with my crib. It took up a lot of space, had a few bite marks on it, and I didn’t feel super comfortable giving it away.

Also, most of the donation places don’t take baby furniture anyway because they don’t want to be held liable if anything goes wrong. I certainly didn’t want to be in that position either, so I didn’t go the Craigslist route.

The Crib Desk

That’s why I re-purposed it into a desk that the kiddos could use to draw, write, read, and do activities in the home. It’s been great! I can regularly get the baby nostalgia of when they were itsy bitsy while doing what I can to help the environment.

Please note: The scissors, pens, and pencils aren’t normally there without me. I’m sure someone would have something to say about it, so I wanted to clarify.

Don’t get me wrong, I want my kids to be independent, but not THAT independent (without me)! =)