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  • sọrọ pada ti o dara ohun Kids Sọrọ Back jẹ Kosi a dara ohun! - Ṣaaju ki o to sọ "Gba outta nibi!" tabi Bẹẹkọ Way!" ka yi gbogbo post akọkọ, lati ibẹrẹ titi pupọ opin. daju, nigbati awọn ọmọ ti wa ni sọrọ pada ni o, your temper takes over and it's very hard to stay calm. You can't seem to fathom that this little being even has the nerve to challenge you. […]
  • eko aza Rẹ Omode ká Learning Styles - Few things frustrate parents more than trying to teach a child who won't sit still, won't stop talking, or won't listen until the directions have been repeated twenty times. sibẹsibẹ, wa ibanuje le igba wa ni relieved o ba ti a nìkan gbọye orisirisi ba wa ni eko aza. Learning Styles A child's dominate learning style, tabi eko modality, describes […]

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